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Elara FB-Series O

Thermal Bullet Camera

The compact FLIR Elara™ FB-Series O thermal security camera delivers industry-leading thermal imaging for perimeter and wide area protection around the clock. The camera also offers "plug-and-play" compatibility with external video analytics and major VMS suppliers, including FLIR United VMS, for additional functionality and a flawless user experience.

Elara™ FB-Series ID

Thermal Analytics Security Camera

The FLIR Elara™ FB-Series ID thermal security camera uses onboard analytics to classify human or vehicular intrusions, making it ideal for perimeter intrusion detection and sterile-zone monitoring. The Elara™ FB-Series ID can also hand off classified intrusions to FLIR PTZ cameras for autonomous tracking of intruders. Easy to set up, Elara™ FB-Series provide reliable detection with low false alarm rates in challenging environments, bad weather, and complete darkness.


Thermal Analytics Security Camera

The Elara FC-Series ID is a premium FLIR thermal security camera for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series ID includes onboard video analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, resulting in fewer false alarms.The Elara FC-Series ID also offers a wide range of high-performance lenses and multiple resolutions, giving greater flexibility in tailoring security systems to specific site conditions.

Elara™ FC-Series O

Thermal Security Camera

The Elara™ FC-Series O thermal security camera is one of FLIR’s premium thermal security cameras for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series O integrates with external video analytics devices, such as FLIR’s TRK or third party solutions, to classify human or vehicular intrusions. The Elara FC-Series O also offers a wide range of high-performance lenses, with a choice of resolutions, offering greater flexibility for tailoring security systems to specific site conditions.

ELARA™ FC-Series R (Security)

Fixed Network Thermal Camera

The Elara FC-Series R thermal imaging camera features non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment. The Elara FC-Series R combines state-of-the-art image detail and reliable radiometric detection. Flexible alarming options include email, web and mobile apps, edge image storage, digital outputs, or VMS event notifications.

ELARA™ FC-Series S

Thermal Security Camera

The award-winning FLIR ELARA™ FC-Series thermal network camera sets the standard for high quality thermal security cameras, delivering the best image detail in challenging environments. The ELARA Elara FC-Series S can do the work of numerous visible cameras, reducing the need for additional lighting infrastructure.

FH-Series ID

Multispectral Fixed Camera for Perimeter Protection

The FLIR FH-Series ID are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging to provide reliable intruder-detection capabilities for perimeter security. Built-in convolutional neural network (CNN) analytics accurately detect and classify human and vehicle threats moving at high or low speeds, minimizing false alarms and daily operations costs. Custom scheduling enables security operators to set intrusion analytics to run on visible streams during the day and on thermal streams throughout the night, establishing optimized coverage for any lighting condition.

FH-Series R

Multispectral Fixed Camera for Early Fire Detection

The FLIR FH-Series R are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging to provide rapid visual verification of hot spots in early fire detection applications. When a hot spot or temperature change is detected, the contactless temperature measurement is sent to the operator through a connected Video Management System (VMS) for instantaneous assessment and deployment of response tactics. Custom scheduling provides security personnel the flexibility to enable and disable alarms depending on business hours and seasonality. Combining the power of thermal hot-spot detection with intelligent vehicle detection, false alarms from hot exhaust pipes can be dramatically reduced.


Thermal AI Analytics Camera

The FLIR FC-Series AI is a thermal analytics security camera that offers a reliable, cost-effective way to protect perimeters from intrusion. The AI analytics combines both DNN and motion analytics that together enhances situational awareness and incident detection, enabling users to make better informed decisions that increases safety and improves coordination and efficiency. The FLIR FC-Series AI's thermal sensitivity (<25 mK NETD) provides crisp image clarity positively impacting the quality and performance of analytics. In addition, the FC-Series AI provides the widest range of lens options and cyber-hardened, seamless integration with Video Management Systems including FLIR UVMS and 3rd party video management systems.


Thermal Radiometric Camera

The FLIR FC-Series AI-R is a ruggedized thermal radiometric camera that integrates industry-leading thermal imaging to detect hot spots and combustion risks in harsh outdoor environments and remote areas. When the object surface temperature reaches pre-set upper thresholds, the FC-Series AI-R continuously monitors for temperature changes or hot spots in areas prone to fire risks, such as storage containers, warehouses, combustible piles, landfills, and waste bunkers. Upon detecting a hot spot or significant temperature change, the camera promptly sends an alarm to the Video Management System (VMS) for immediate assessment and swift deployment of response tactics. Integrating Deep Neural Network and motion analytics, with a thermal sensitivity of <35 mK NETD, the FC-Series AI-R offers enhanced situational awareness and clear image quality. This camera also offers a range of lens options and boasts cyber-hardened integration with both FLIR UVMS and third-party VMS, making it a versatile tool for perimeter security and physical asset safety.

FLIR TCX Thermal Bullet

Thermal Bullet Camera

The TCX Bullet leads the industry in providing affordable, high-performance thermal security imaging. Available with resolutions of 480 or 320, the TCX Bullet produces accurate intrusion detection using high-contrast thermal video and built-in video motion detection (VMD). The TCX Bullet is a flexible thermal solution that enables you to see clearly in complete darkness, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust, or even light fog.

FLIR TCX Thermal Mini-Bullet

Thermal Mini-Bullet

The TCX Thermal Mini-Bullet security camera offers affordable, high-contrast thermal video with built-in video motion detection (VMD) and alarm verification. The TCX Mini Bullet enables a whole new range of applications for thermal imaging in one affordable device, such as supporting retail traffic flow and queue management in business settings and providing reliable surveillance in low light conditions.

Saros™ DH-390 Dome

Multi-Spectral Intrusion Solution

The FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies into a unified solution that delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data. The Saros DH-390 includes multiple FLIR Lepton thermal sensors, a 1080p camera, IR and visible LED illuminators, advanced onboard analytics, two-way audio, and digital I/Os. FLIR Saros enables businesses to implement reliable, state-of-the-art outdoor intrusion detection in a cost-effective manner by minimizing the equipment required and reducing false alarms.

TRITON™ F-Series

Thermal Security Camera

F-Series high-resolution thermal security cameras are fixed-site cameras that give you video and control over both IP and analog networks. F-Series cameras define the new standard of performance with five models that provide 640 × 480 thermal resolution to give you greater image detail, longer detection range, and better analytics performance than ever before.

Triton™ F-Series ID

Thermal Security Camera with Onboard Analytics

The FLIR Triton™ F-Series ID thermal security cameras set the new standard of perimeter protection for critical infrastructure. The Triton F-Series ID features best-in-class thermal imaging detail and high-performance onboard analytics for classifying human or vehicular intrusions. FLIR’s premium line offers five models with full 640 × 480 thermal resolution, longer detection ranges, and better analytics performance than ever before.