Protect Your Materials, Equipment, and Timeline


Combatting Construction Theft with Advanced Imaging

FLIR thermal and visible-light cameras give construction professionals complete awareness into afterhours activity on the job site. Combining high-performance detection and identification cameras with advanced software creates a sophisticated security ecosystem to help protect your materials and equipment.

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Reliably Detect Intruders 24/7

Thermal imaging offers clear vision in total darkness, glaring light, smoke, and light fog. The unmistakable contrast of body heat within a thermal image lets operators quickly locate and resolve unwelcome threats.

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ELARAâ„¢ FC-Series ID

Thermal Analytics Security Camera

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More Coverage Equals More Protection

Panoramic ultra-HD imaging from FLIR visible light cameras keeps a watchful eye on everything within your site. 4K video without any dropped frames allows positive identification of fast moving suspects.

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Quasar 4 x 2K Panoramic

Convertible 180° / 360° Mini-Dome Camera