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Drone Thermal Imaging Solutions

Airborne Imaging Capability for Everyone

With a wide selection of drone thermal imagers covering the entire range of performance and features, FLIR has an imaging solution for every mission profile and budget. From the Vue Pro that started the drone thermal imagining revolution, to the Duo Pro R dual-sensor imaging and mapping solution, thermal cameras on drones are changing the way the world works across a wide range of applications.

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Your source for Thermal Drone knowledge, best practices, training and street truths. Aerial thermal imaging via SUAS or Drones is a tool that helps save lives and livelihoods. Well-prepared drone operators must know best practices, rooted in technical capability, and apply them to practical applications. Whether the mission is public safety, industrial inspection or a new emerging use, future and current drone operators and their teams can become pros with help from FLIR DELTA, a free source of cutting-edge insights with a focus on “street truth”, best practices, field checklists, and other thermal application-based information.

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Radiometric Temperature Measurements Guide

Download the Tech Note to learn more about integrating a radiometric thermal camera in your sUAS. 

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Search and Rescue / Public Safety

Search large areas quickly and effectively to find victims, track the progress of search crews, and eliminate dangerous terrain without putting additional lives at risk. Fire fighters use drone thermal cameras to keep track of personnel on and around structures through thick smoke, monitor roof structures for potential burn-through, and accurately place wet lines in the path of wildfires.

Aerial First Responder Advanced Kit

Aerial Thermal Imaging Kit

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Building Inspections

Thermal cameras let you see missing or damaged installation, water under roof membranes, external electrical issues, failed windows, and many other problems with building and roofing systems. Put one on a drone and you can cover an entire roof in minutes – even one that would take hours, or even days, to walk with a handheld imager.

Drone Building Inspection Kit

Drone Thermal Building Inspection

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Solar Panel Inspections

Airborne thermal cameras can quickly pinpoint everything from offline strings to cell level defects in solar fields that cover acres. This data is used to baseline the performance of new solar installations, and generate trend analyses of faults that appear over time to determine their impact to the facility’s overall operating efficiency.

FLIR Aerial Utility Inspection Kit

Aerial Thermal Imaging Kit

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Thermal Orthomosaics

The imagery captured by FLIR cameras is compatible with all of the leading software and service providers to create thermal orthomosaics and 3D models of buildings, landscapes, buildings, and much more.


M210-Series UAS Thermal Imaging Kit

UAS Thermal Imaging Kit