Elevated Skin Temperature Screening

Your First Line of Defense

Return to duty safely, confidently with FLIR

Force readiness relies on the health and safety of the unit. In order to mitigate the spread of contagions like COVID-19, many organizations are turning to non-contact screening tools that can detect elevated skin temperatures — providing the confidence needed to return to normalcy and maintain unit readiness.


Introducing the FLIR A700-ESTâ„¢ IS

This fully integrated, scalable solution pairs the revolutionary FLIR A700 thermal camera with a high definition, user-friendly interface. Easy to deploy, the FLIR A700 EST-IS detects and visualizes heat to quickly identify individuals with elevated skin temperatures.

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Scalable, Quick to Deploy

Simple to set up, A700 EST-IS uses only two cables and PoE to operate the camera and touchscreen display. Single camera system or multiple camera system for heavy traffic spaces.



Integrated System to Detect Elevated Skin Temperature