Bring Computational Thermal Imaging and Decision Support to the Edge

Computational imaging involves the joint design of imaging hardware and computer algorithms to create novel imaging systems with unprecedented capabilities. PrismTM, the end-to-end, computational imaging ecosystem, supports a wide array of projects and custom development that run on the latest generation of low-power, embedded mobile processors.


Out-of-box edge integration with Boson®, Tau® 2, HadronTM 640R, and Neutrino®, simplifies development, reduces cost, and improves system performance.



Meet the Prism Digital Ecosystem

Prism Digital Ecosystem Diagram



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Ground ISR





Leverage the Digital Solutions Ecosystem That Shortens Time to Market



Prism AI Software Libraries Icon

Prism AI

Powerful, efficient perception software enables classification, object detection, and object tracking operating on low-power embedded processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA.


Prism ISP Software Libraries Icon

Prism ISP

Image signal processing (ISP) software includes super-resolution, electronic image stabilization, image fusion, turbulence mitigation, and calibrated temperature measurement running on low-power embedded processors.

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FLIR's Advanced Video Processor Chip


The AVP, a size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimized advanced video processor, provides best-in-class artificial intelligence performance for thermal infrared and visible camera perception systems. 

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Conversator Dataset Management Icon


Cloud-based data lifecycle management (DLM) subscription software enables data scientists to build image datasets leveraging the world’s largest thermal image data lake.

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Aerial Thermal Image with Bounding Boxes & Labels

The World's Largest Thermal Image Data Set

Teledyne FLIR has built the world’s largest data lake with over 5 million annotated assets across 20 object classes. In addition, we have pioneered the use of synthetic images for model training of classes difficult to collect data on.


SWAP-Optimized Embedded Solutions

Teledyne FLIR offers class leading mobile processing hardware and software integration on today’s most advanced mobile processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, including the Jetson Orin.

Advanced mobile processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, including the Jetson Orin


Automotive Thermal Image with Bounding Boxes and Labels

High Precision Models & Powerful Computational Imaging Algorithms

Teledyne develops powerful image signal processing and high-performance AI based object detectors for a wide range of applications and sensor classes.


Support for Prism Stack Integration

Teledyne FLIR offers support to embedded software developers to assist in optimizing system software on a wide range of imaging products.

Thermal Imaging Cores - Product Family



Software Features that Deliver Mission Success

Integrators in defense, commercial, and industrial markets can enhance perception with Prism's advanced software algorithms for high-performance target recognition, object tracking, super resolution and more.


Super Resolution

Turbulence Mitigation

Noise Reduction

Video Stabilization



Prism AI Models

Object Detection Air-to-Ground


Ground ISR with Fine Grain Classifier

Automotive Autonomy & AEB




Single Object Tracker

Motion Target Indicator

Fine Grain Classifier

AI Decision Support with Prism AI



Designed to Enhance the full Teledyne FLIR Core Lineup



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