Boson® Field of View Comparison



Below are eight images from the FLIR Boson 640 looking at a heated target in eight different Fields of View (FOV). Take note of the background versus foreground detail with different focal length lenses.


Distance to FLIR "Chevron" Target: 492.13 ft (150 m)

Size of Target (outside width x height dimensions): 18 in x 24 in (450 mm x 610 mm)

Target Temperature: 98°F (37°C)

Ambient Temperature: 65°F (18°C) midday


Boson 640, 73mm, 6 Degree FOV

Boson_640_73mm-6DEG (2).jpeg


Boson 640, 55mm, 8 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 36mm, 12 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 24mm, 18 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 18mm, 24 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 14mm, 32 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 8.7mm, 50 Degree FOV



Boson 640, 4.9mm, 95 Degree FOV






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