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Infrared Training Center

World class training and certification courses for your thermal imager available from the infrared experts at ITC, FLIR’s premier IR training provider. Maximize your investment in infrared technology with certification classes that teach the best practices and techniques utilized by professional thermographers everywhere.

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Thermography Training

From industrial break-downs to home plumbing leaks, thermography can be the solution to your inspection needs.  Learn how thermal imaging cameras work, the temperature-related issues they can identify, and tips on best practices through FLIR's live and recorded webinars.

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Optical Gas Imaging Courses

Optical gas imaging requires special thermal imaging cameras that are filtered to visualize specific families of gases. Learn about how these cameras work, the gases they can identified, the required environmental conditions, safety considerations, and much more through FLIR's in-person or on-line, webinar training.

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Thermal Automation Training

Learn how thermal imaging automation can help reduce downtime, improve scheduled maintenance, and save your company money.

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Security Courses

FLIR offers in-person and online training courses for security professionals, as well as an online video library on our software systems. 

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Traffic & ITS Courses

Learn more about FLIR's traffic cameras and sensors through online or in-person training, or join one of many webinars.

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sUAS Training and Resources

Learn from the thermal drone experts about solar inspection, public safety applications, FLIR drone product tips and tricks and more.

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Support Center

Find information on our products, online orders, and gain access to special discounts and offers, downloads, and software upgrades.

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