Shipboard HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System


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With an all-new TFU design for improved reliability, the SeaFLIR 280-HDEP is ready for any maritime mission scenario. The modular and scalable control electronics unit is capable of hosting high power video processing and Neural Network Target Classifier (NNTC) from FLIR. Optional Display Interface Boards (DIB) allow you to play up to six independent video streams, and removable terabyte hard drive w/DVR records up to 80 hours of compressed video and 250 screen captures.

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  • All-Weather, Sea-Ready

    Designed for 24/7/365 maritime duty, SeaFLIR 280-HDEP provides long-range target detection, identification, and tracking.

  • Mission Flexibility

    Long-range mission support for ISR, interdiction, EEZ constabulary, maritime SAR, covert OPS, man overboard search and track, and disaster recovery.

  • Reliability

    Designed to MIL-STDs, with brushless high torque motors, robust heat dissipation, power conditioning circuits and a high reliability MWIR cooler.

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