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FLIR 380X Upgrade

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The Star SAFIRE® 380X is a hardware, firmware, and software upgrade to support advanced image aiding features for our globally renowned Star SAFIRE 380 gimbal systems, including Star SAFIRE 380-HD and 380-HDc. The new 380X skillet upgrade reduces operator workload for faster, smarter decision support and features customizable configurations for multi-tile video management and visual user interface, and touchscreen and streaming tablet support. It also features an integrated moving target indicator (MTI) and de-scintillation filter, that removes atmospheric effects to reveal clearer, sharper detail from greater distances.

  • Multiple Video Management

    Multi-tile image management allows operator to view multiple video sources simultaneously, including all discrete camera payloads plus external video input.

  • Better Clarity, Faster Detection

    See more details with de-scintillation filter that removes atmospheric effects to reveal fine details otherwise hard to detect.

  • Enhanced Targeting

    Moving Target Indicator (MTI) helps identify threats earlier. Future enhancement includes mapping overlays to identify friendly positions and no fire/restricted fire areas.

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FLIR 380X for Airborne Law Enforcement | Star SAFIRE
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FLIR 380X Upgrade