On the Water with the FLIR M364C

The unique FLIR M364C combines two cutting-edge imaging systems in a single robust, pan-and-tilt marine camera housing to produce highly detailed thermal and visible imagery. The result is increased situational awareness and safer navigation via increased object identification capability in any lighting conditions, from total darkness to full sunlight.


The M364C is equipped with a high-definition low-light camera and one of the most advanced FLIR thermal-imaging cores.  This combination of sensors enables exclusive FLIR Color Thermal Vision™ (CTV) technology. Color Thermal Vision blends a visible camera image with a thermal image, allowing captains to positively identify navigation aids, vessels, or other objects within the thermal scene. This unique multispectral imaging technology affords safer navigation to any boater while supporting enhanced search-and-rescue capabilities for first responders.

M364C Color Thermal Vision.png

CTV is the result of combining low-light camera details with thermal imaging


With the M364C’s visible payload, it likes having pair of high-powered stabilized binoculars incorporated into your helm display. The FLIR M364C’s low-light HD visible-imaging sensor features both optical and digital long-range zoom. Combined with gyro stabilization, the HD visible zoom camera delivers impressive long-range target identification capabilities.

NoZoom-YourVision-600px.png 30Xzoom-600px.png

Your vision (left) versus the zoom capability of the M346C (right)


The FLIR M364C camera offers improved image stabilization using an integrated attitude heading reference system (AHRS) sensor, providing captains with a steady view in rough seas. Two-axis mechanical stabilization virtually eliminates the effects of pitch, heave, and yaw.

M364C On the Water Main.jpg

Mechanical stabilization greatly improves image clarity while navigating challenging water conditions.


Employing video-over-IP and Ethernet connectivity, the FLIR M364C is easy to integrate with the major brands of multifunction navigation displays. Enjoy touch screen control and camera viewing on the latest MFDs from Furuno, Garmin, and Raymarine.  The M364C also features analog video output for connecting with legacy systems.

Generic MFD M364C.png

Seamless integration, outstanding imaging performance via FLIR Color Thermal Vision technology, optical and digital long-range zoom, and enhanced gyro-stabilization make the M364C an indispensable tool for law enforcement professionals, commercial mariners, and recreational boaters who demand elite-level situational awareness

Part of the FLIR M300 Series, the M364C has a suggested retail price of $20,495 USD. The M364C and other M300 Series marine cameras are available through the FLIR network of dealers and retailers. Learn more at FLIR.com/M300-Series.

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