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FLIRSIM is a portable, rapidly deployed, all-inclusive system-level training tool that provides the functional equivalency of an FAA Advanced Aircrew Training Device (AATD) for FLIR Star SAFIRE 380 family sensors. Developed by MAG Aerospace, FLIRSIM can replicate any real-world scenario or environment on demand to enhance safety, mission effectiveness, and provide a tactical advantage during real-world missions. FLIRSIM delivers direct operational cost savings normally incurred during training.

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The Ideal Training Platform for Procedural & Operation Tasks

  • Transportable and Easy To Use

    The complete system is contained in a rugged case that can be transported as carry-on luggage and easily set up anywhere.

  • Dynamic Scenario Generation

    Plan and implement scenarios in a variety of environments and weather conditions to mentally prepare operators for similar real-world conditions.

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