The most affordable DMM with built-in thermal imaging

  • Troubleshoot Faster

    Quickly scan for overheating components with IGM, and diagnose faults with broad DMM test functions

  • Work Safer

    Identify energized and potentially faulty equipment from a safe distance using non-contact temperature measurement

  • Diagnose Problems More Efficiently

    Provides a rich feature set for both high-voltage and low-voltage applications: Variable Frequency Drive, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and more.

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Compliance & Certifications
10 yrs on product and detector
Drop test
3 m
Environmental & Approvals
IP Rating
Imaging & Optical
Thermal image palettes
Rainbow, iron, gray scale
Measurement & Analysis
AC/DC Amps
Range: 10.00 A Basic Accuracy: ±1.0% / ±0.7%
AC/DC mAmps
Range: 600.0 mA Basic Accuracy: ±1.0% / ±0.7%
AC/DC microAmps
Range: 4000 µA Basic Accuracy: ±1.5%
AC/DC mVolt
Range: 600.0 mV Basic Accuracy: ±1% / ±0.5%
AC/DC Voltage
Range: 600.0 V Basic Accuracy: ±0.7% / ±0.5%
Range: Basic Accuracy: 200.0 nF ±1.5% 200.0 µF ±1.5% 2.000 mF ±2.0% 10.00 mF ±5.0%
Continuity check
Between 30 Ω and 480 Ω
Diode Test
Range: 3.000 V Basic Accuracy: ±0.9%
Frequency Range
Range: 99.99 kHz Basic Accuracy: ±1.0%
Range: Basic Accuracy: 600.0 Ω ±0.3% 600.0 kΩ ±0.5% 6.000 MΩ ±0.9% 60.00 MΩ ±1.5%
Temperature Range
–10 to 150°C (14 to 302°F)
–40 to 752.0°F DMM ± (1.0% + 3°F), –40 to 400°C DMM ± (1.0% + 1.5°C)
True RMS
VFD AC Voltage
Range: 600.0 V RMS Basic Accuracy: ±1.0%
Meter Data
Auto Power Off
3 AA batteries; optional TA04 Li-Poly rechargeable battery
Thermal Imaging
Visible Camera
IR Resolution
60 × 80 pixels (4,800 pixels)
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Export Restrictions

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