Teledyne FLIR Installs Award-Winning FLIR TrafiOne Traffic Sensors to Improve Pedestrian Safety During FIFA World Cup 2022

On November 21, 2022, hundreds of thousands of football fans will make their way to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. To prepare for the large crowds, the Qatari government has contracted the installation of 700 FLIR TrafiOne Smart City Sensors to monitor traffic and control crowd flow. These award-winning, all-in-one sensors will provide the dynamic traffic control needed to ensure traffic runs safely and smoothly during the event.

Teledyne FLIR partnered with the Public Works Authority, Ashghal, and Salam Sice Tech Solutions to rollout the new traffic sensors across Qatar. Tasked with infrastructure development in support of Qatar’s socio-economic growth, Ashghal is working on projects that implement the best practices in infrastructure development and management. Teledyne FLIR is proud to be part of this critical mission to provide customer-centric public services to all residents of Qatar.


The FLIR TrafiOne uses a sensor-based smart system to spot the movement of pedestrians on the pavement and automatically modifies the timing of the signals light accordingly. Thermal cameras equipped with video analytics detect and classify bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles—even in total darkness or inclement weather. Traffic signals can then be prioritized for cyclists and pedestrians ahead of vehicle traffic as needed, leading to safer, more effective pedestrian crossings.


The TrafiOne sensor also generates high-resolution data for measuring travel times for different modes of transport to improve traffic flows and has an HD video camera for additional visual support, making it a beneficial tool in improving the safety and welfare of citizens and visitors to Qatar. Finally, COVID-friendly touch-free sensors eliminate the need for physical push buttons. The sensor can detect foot traffic and signal crossroads by using a sensor-based smart system through the ground. This means foot traffic can flow without the touch of a button, limiting potential COVID-19 exposure.

Because the TrafiOne uses thermal imaging to detect pedestrians and cyclists based on their temperature signatures, it does not need any natural or artificial light to function, and can provide uninterrupted, 24-hour detection of pedestrians and bicyclists.

TrafiOne received a positive reception from the Qatari Authorities who have appreciated the many advantages of TrafiOne over traditional road safety, including smart technology, touch-free sensors, and programmable detection zones. The goal is to roll out this innovative product across Qatar to provide smart pedestrian traffic flows anywhere in the country.