Taking a Closer Look at the FLIR Scion® Thermal Monocular Series

FLIR Scion® OTM and PTM may look similar, but don’t be fooled: each device is designed for a unique environment and different user needs.

The newly launched Scion PTM (Professional Thermal Monocular) is a powerful thermal surveillance tool for law enforcement professionals, enabling constant awareness of threats and team members in poor visibility conditions. Integration with FLIR’s TruWITNESS™ platform links the Scion PTM with other city-wide smart sensors, providing real-time centralized information for public safety agencies.

The Scion OTM (Outdoor Thermal Monocular) is a high-tech device designed for outdoor adventurers, ruggedly built for the most demanding environments to quickly detect animals and other objects of interest in low-visibility conditions. A built-in microSD card slot provides enough memory to capture every wildlife encounter in high-quality thermal imaging to revisit again later.

Both Scion monoculars are built around FLIR’s powerful Boson™ core and are available both in 640 and 320 resolutions, with 9Hz and 60Hz models.

Head here to learn more about Scion OTM, and here to learn more about Scion PTM.

First Look: FLIR Scion™ Outdoor Thermal Monocular

First Look: FLIR Scion™ Outdoor Thermal Monocular

SHOT SHOW 2019: Mike Pawlowski of Gridiron Outdoors takes a closer look at the all-new FLIR Scion™ Outdoor Thermal Monocular. The FLIR Scion OTM is built around FLIR's powerful Boson™ core, and can capture your outdoor adventures with geotagged video and still images.

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