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FLIR identiFINDER R100
Personal Radiation Detector

The rugged FLIR identiFINDER R100 personal radiation detector (PRD) delivers immediate threat alarms to keep front-line responders safe and features integrated Bluetooth® connectivity that enables situational awareness beyond the front-line and up the chain of command.


Belt-worn PRD with Integrated Bluetooth

R100 features integrated Bluetooth Smart technology that effortlessly connects with mobile apps to display real-time output and send information up the chain of command for continuous situational awareness.


Dunkable and Dependable

R100 supports everyday use in challenging, harsh responder environments. It is IP67-rated to protect against dust, is water-submersible up to 1m, and drop-test compliant to 1.5m.


Solutions from Threat Detection to Identification

identiFINDER is a fully integrated product family, from PRD to premium-class RIID (radio-isotope identification device). Shared automated report format, intuitive user interface, and common training minimize total cost of ownership and support interagency standardization.